Awards and Recognition


Bauer Financial

"We Recommend All Five-Star and Four-Star Institutions. Because peace of mind matters"  Rated 5-Stars for 15 consecutive quarters.

Bank Rate

Bank Rate

"Now more than ever, consumers need to know that their money is safe," said Thomas R. Evans, President & CEO of "Historically, when financial institutions receive one of our four-or five-star Safe & Sound® ratings, it has been a strong indicator of their financial health."

CB Top 10

CB Top Ten™ (3rd Quarter 2016)

Ranked in the top ten percent of community banks in the nation by CB Resource, Inc., by peer group ($250M-$500M), based on eight performance indicators.

Ranked 25th in the nation on the 2016 Top 200 Healthiest Banks. Each bank is graded on factors including capitalization, deposit growth and loan-to-reserve ratios to determine a comprehensive score – with Community Business Bank receiving an A+.

The Findley Reports

The Findley Reports

For the second year in a row, recognized as a Super Premier Performer, Findley Reports highest recognition for financial institutions. Ratings were based upon 2014 and 2015 operating results.


Weiss Ratings

The institution offers excellent financial security. It has maintained a conservative stance in its business operations and underwriting practices as evidenced by its strong equity base, top-notch asset quality, steady earnings and high liquidity.