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Cash Management Services Selection

Internet Banking Service 24-hour account access. Features include:
  • Access account balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Reconcile accounts and download data
  • Make In Bank Loan payments
Optional Cash Management Services
Convenience of advanced cash management services online. Services available: (Select Desired Options)
Wire Transfers
(regular wire fees apply)
Business Bill Payment    
eStatement (Free*)   Automatically notified of your statement by email, easily downloadable, and electronically archived for one (1) year.
Go Green**   Turn off paper statements and receive statements faster, reduce clutter and help the environment.
* Regular account charges apply
** Must be enrolled in Online Banking and eStatments

Administrative User Information

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Additional User Information

(1) Administrative User Name
(1) Administrative User Name
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(2) Administrative User Name
Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Supervisor(s)/Authorized Representative(s) listed here are permitted and authorized by Customer to further identify, authorize and arrange for additional secondary users of the system and its features on behalf of Customer. See the agreement(s) for the feature(s) selected for further details.

Selected Accounts

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Instructions for Submitting Enrollment Form

  • Print the completed Enrollment Form
  • Sign the Enrollment Form
  • We will e-mail confirmation of receipt along with the appropriate resolution to be signed
  • Print the resolution received and sign
  • Mail the signed enrollment form and the signed resolution to the following address or return to nearest branch location:
Community Business Bank
Attn: Electronic Services Department

P. O. Box 912
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 830-3560
  • If required, a Bank representative will contact you to set-up a time to meet and review your selections, if further documentation is required

Once we receive your signed Enrollment Form and Disclosures, the Administrative User will be mailed a Login ID and temporary password for each User. Once the Administrative User has logged in, he/she can set up user rights for each Additional User. The first time you login, you will be forced to change your password.

The Administrative User also authorizes the bank to issue a Login ID for the Company and temporary passwords on the behalf of the Company and each Additional User, which the Administrative User and each Additional User is required to change to a private password the first time such individual logs on to the system.

The Administrative User certifies that everything stated in this application is correct. The bank may keep this application whether or not it is approved. By submitting this form, the Administrative User and each Additional User authorizes the bank to check credit and employment histories and to have a consumer credit report prepared on the Company, the Administrative User for the purpose of evaluating this application. The Company, the Administrative User understands that each must update this credit information at the bank's request and if the financial condition of the Company, the Administrative User or any Additional User changes.


Please read and review the Bank's Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure before submitting your Enrollment Form.

By clicking "print" or "submit", you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Bank's Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure.



ACH (Automated Clearing House)
A portion of the Federal Reserve System that for the transmission of electronic transactions between financial institutions.
ACH Payments
Ability to originate ACH credits.
ACH Receipts
Ability to originate ACH debits.
Ability to originate ACH debits.
Wire Transfers
Ability to request a Wire Transfer.
Send Files
Ability to send an ACH or text file to the bank for review or processing.
Administrative Rights
Ability to view ALL users' transactions as well as define each Additional Users rights and authorities.