Community Foundation

Community Business Bank has established a foundation to designate donations to non-profits within the communities we serve.  To decide on requests, Community Business Bank has established a Community Foundation Committee. This committee will evaluate all requests for donations and as a group make formal decisions on behalf of Community Business Bank.

If your non-profit would like to make a formal donation request, please review the submission guidelines as detailed below.

Donation Request Guidelines
On behalf of the Bank, the Committee will review and decision all donation requests over $250. Donation requests under $250 will be referred to and decided upon by the local office manager.

In order for a donation request to be considered, the request must:

  1. come from a qualified non-profit organization (must provide proof of your organization's exemption under Section 501(c) (3) of the United States IRS Service tax code);
  2. provide service and benefit within the Bank’s local market which includes Yolo, Sacramento, Solano and San Joaquin County;
  3. be submitted in writing;
  4. be received during an “open window” period; and
  5. must not be from an organization that is political, religious, or racially biased as well as organizations that refuse to disclose financial and management information upon request.

When to Submit Requests
Donation requests may be received any time during each Open Window period as provided below:

January 1st through March 31th
April1st through June 30th
July 1st through September 30th
October 1st through November 30th

Award Date – April 15th
Award Date – July 15th
Award Date – October 15th
Award Date – December 15th

Where to Send Donation Requests

Community Business Bank
Attn: Community Foundation
P. O. Box 912
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Donation requests received after the close of any respective Open Window Period will automatically be rolled over to the next period.