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Visit the improved this month for information on our new, free
Mobile Banking app. Using your smartphone
or mobile device, you will have access to your
accounts from wherever you are, 24/7.

  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds between Community Business Bank accounts
  • Monitor account activity
  • Confirm a deposit or withdrawal

Visit the new for more information on Mobile Banking, or call 916.830.3560. 

NOTE: To take advantage of this service, you must be enrolled in free Online Banking. Requires smartphone or mobile device with internet access. Check with your wireless carrier concerning applicable charges or fees. 

Employee Spotlight

Kellie Moreland, Finance Specialist

You can always count on Community Business Bankís Finance Specialist Kellie Moreland for a smile and a sincere, "how are you doing today?" Daily, she can be heard enjoying music and having a good laugh. Donít let that fool you though; she is also one of the Bankís most diligent and effective employees.

Kellie works directly with the Bankís CFO and Controller and is responsible for the reconciliation of correspondent banks, processing payroll and accounts payable and also assists in many other areas of the bank as needed.

Kellie has been with Community Business Bank for almost five years; she joined the team in March of 2008, bringing over 10 years of banking experience at the time. When we asked Kellie what makes Community Business Bank special compared to other banks, she noted "Community Business Bank goes out of its way to make our customers feel important."

Kellie enjoys boating, traveling and spending quality time with friends and family. She has been married to her husband for 22 years and has two very athletic children. Kellieís son is a junior at a state university in Texas studying business and pitches for their baseball team. Her daughter is a freshman at a state university in North Dakota studying exercise science and plays for the softball team as short shop.

To contact Kellie, please call 916.830.3560 or by e-mail at


John DiMichele, President & CEO

As someone who has been in the banking industry for more than 35 years, I can say with confidence that the last ten years have been some of the most exciting and challenging for the financial services industry. The speed at which things are changing is both daunting and exhilarating. Just think, we can make check deposits from our desks, bank from our phones and pay bills without ever touching a stamp or checkbook. When I started, we were hand-posting ledgers! Today, at Community Business Bank, we have these technological platforms to make banking easier for you and your business.  

For some banks, with all this great advancement comes the shift to impersonal, faceless banking. This shift is something that we at Community Business Bank never plan to move to Ė delivering personal service and knowing our clients is of paramount importance to our staff and to me. At a time when fraud and identity theft is on the rise, we believe itís comforting to know that you are working with a bank that understands your business and how you operate. Numerous times our personal relationships with our clients have stopped wire fraud, counterfeit checks and identity thieves. We are not unaffected by these types of events, but with our relationships we make it more difficult for fraudsters to succeed.  

As so many things change, remember we have the technological services to serve you with the personal service you deserve. We value our relationships with the businesses and the people that serve the communities we are committed to, and we thank you for your business. As always, we strive to enhance our customer service level. If you have any suggestions to help enrich your banking experience, please contact me at or 916.830.3580



If cost and time constraints hinder you from upgrading your businessís computer environment, cloud computing may be the right option for you. Cloud services deliver on-demand software, infrastructure, and storage over the Internet. By sharing server space and applications through an Internet connection, you trade an up-front expense for new equipment for a monthly bill based on use.

In addition to providing time and money saving benefits, cloud services can also enhance efficiency and protect against disaster.

Enhancing efficiency
Through cloud services, multiple employees can access necessary documents and information from both wireless devices and desktop computers. A cloud service can make sure all those wireless devices are in synch, allowing a dispersed workforce to work more collaboratively. In addition, when additional IT services are needed, you can quickly scale up with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

Hedging against disaster
Many businesses learn the hard way that physical servers are vulnerable to environmental issues, natural disasters and technological issues (such as site crashes due to high-volume traffic spikes). You can use cloud computing to store and backup data, making it easy to access records and information even if your physical business has sustained damage. Cloud services can also be used to process payments through smartphones and other mobile devices. If a physical store or company payment processing software becomes damaged, you will still be able to accept payment using mobile card readers.

Companies looking for ways to improve their technical efficiency while maximizing security will find cloud computing well worth considering.