eBusiness Manager

Here you will find information and guidelines to help you prepare for a successful transition to our new eBusiness Manager platform – online banking services for business.

In one convenient location, the eBusiness Manager platform gives you access to the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly, including:

Wire Service
ACH Service
Stop Payment
Positive Pay
Account Reporting
Bill Pay
Business Mobile

eBusiness Manager Resources
Please refer to the following info sheets for more information on how to successfully set up your accounts in the new system.

Upgrade Overview
Upgrade Timeline
Checklist of Activities
Security Features

Beginning March 27th, you’ll have access to a new login feature from our homepage with streamlined access to your accounts.  If you have previously bookmarked the login page, be sure to update your links with the new login page:


Reestablishing your QuickBooks Connection
Now that your accounts are accessible using our new eBusiness Manager platform, you will need to reestablish the connection between your accounts and QuickBooks.

There are two ways to connect your Community Business Bank accounts with QuickBooks.
DirectConnect: Once setup, Direct Connect will automatically pull account information from eBusiness Manager into the QuickBooks application with regular updates.
WebConnect: A more manual process, you will need to download your account information each time you want it to refresh in the QuickBooks application.

The below guides will help you get set up.  Please select your operating system and connection method for detailed instructions.