Health Savings Accounts

Community Business Bank is committed to helping you and your family manage the high costs of healthcare by providing you with a convenient, low cost Health Savings Account (HSA) program that you can use in conjunction with your employer or self-sponsored High Deductible Health Plan. Enjoy HSA benefits, such as:

  • Health Savings Account MasterCard® Debit Card
  • Online Account Access with Free Bill Payment Service
  • Electronic Monthly Statement – detailing your HSA transaction activity
  • Annual Reporting

Unlike flexible spending accounts, you don’t have to “use it or lose it” each year.  The Health Savings Account is portable and monies can accumulate and grow tax-free over the years creating a nest egg for future health issues that may arise.

The funds can help pay for your current plan's deductible or qualified medical expenses not covered by your insurance policy, including but not limited to:

  • Monthly Insurance Premiums
  • Routine Healthcare Expenses
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Dental/Orthodontic Care
  • Urgent Care or Emergency Room Visits
  • Specialists
  • And More…

For more information about Health Savings Accounts, please visit the U.S Treasury HSA website