Reduce Health Care Costs & Provide Affordable Coverage
The rising cost of maintaining health care insurance is a major concern for business owners. Learn how pairing a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with a health savings plan (HSA) can enhance employee benefits packages, effectively control the costs of health care premiums, and offer tax benefits.

Business Succession Plan: Use to transfer leadership or sell your business
Avoid turbulent financial or leadership transitions that can negatively impact the company you’ve
worked so hard to build. Put together a plan for an orderly turnover to a successor if you retire or phase
out of responsibilities over a period of time. If you want to sell your business, develop and execute a
plan to maximize the financial value of the sale and make sure the money is correctly allocated.

Preparing for the EMV Conversion and Prevent Fraud Liability
October 2015 marks the deadline for businesses to upgrade their card readers to accept microchip credit cards with Euro MasterCard/Visa (EMV) technology. If you do not, you face added liability because your business, not the bank, would be liable for fraudulent transactions. By developing a plan to smoothly migrate to this new technology, you can protect customer transactions and avoid liability.

Disaster Recovery Plan: Prepare for catastrophe by creating a disaster recovery plan
A formal disaster recovery plan can help your business survive a natural disaster or other emergency situation and can provide you, employees, and customers with peace of mind.

Financing Equipment with an SBA Loan
If you meet the qualifications, a SBA 7(a) loan could finance 75 to 85% of the cost of new equipment up to $5 million. Since SBA 7(a) loans typically have amortization schedules based on the economic life of the equipment (up to 10 years), you should be able to pay for the new equipment with the incremental increase in profit that the equipment provides your business.

LinkedIn: Find clients, suppliers, and prospective employees
When used effectively, LinkedIn is among the most powerful social networking resources available for today’s businesses. By taking the time to develop a well-crafted business profile on LinkedIn, you can successfully attract new clients, suppliers, and employees.

Managing Finances While Traveling
Make sure cash flow doesn’t get interrupted when you or your bookkeeper are traveling. With some preparation before your next trip, you can automate transactions and use online and mobile banking services to access your accounts and manage your business finances from virtually anywhere, freeing yourself for other activities.

No-Penalty CD: Boost income and maintain liquidity
Maintaining cash reserves is an important safeguard against cash flow disruptions, but with today’s low interest rates, keeping those funds liquid often means earning little or no interest income. A no-penalty CD can offer more interest income than a savings or money market account, while allowing you to withdraw funds, if needed.

Maximize your website visibility with an effective SEO keyword strategy
A  successfule search engine optimization (SEO) strategy increases the chances potential customers will find your website because it will be ranked above your competitors' websites in online search results.  This can increase traffic to your site, which results in more business.  Using effective keywords is a crucial part of an SEO strategy.

Improve your cash flow with an Agricultural Operating Line of Credit
An Agricultural operating Line of Credit gives farmers, vintners, ranchers, and other agribusiness owners access to cash when they need it.  It can help you manage seasonal cash flow fluctuations by covering operating expenses and short-term business needs  It also helps ensure there is sufficient working capital when you expand.  Because interest is only due on the amount drawn from the line of credit, it provides flexibility and peace of mind without incurring undue expense.